Nomis Flying Club Instructors

Antonio Ferrara

Currently holds a CFI, CFII, and MEI. He enjoys exercising the privileges of those certificates regularly with his students raging from primary to ATP including CFI. As a Captain for a commercial airline he is familiar with all the rigors of the training process. To pass on his experience, so that others may benefit, is where he finds the most fulfillment.

Zachary Barrett

Since his first flight on a commercial jet at the age of 5, all Zack Barrett has wanted to do is fly! It is this passion for flight that has propelled him to reach so many goals in aviation at such a young age. Zack began flying at age 17, and flew an aircraft solo just 16 hours into his training! He received his private pilot's license at age 18 from a flight school on Long Island, and continued his training at an aviation academy in Jacksonville, FL. There Zack completed his Instrument Rating and worked towards his Commercial Pilot's License. Since moving back to his home on Long Island, Zack completed his Commercial Pilot's License, his Multi Engine Commercial Rating and achieved the position of FAA Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI). Zack Holds a bachelor's degree in Aviation Management and Administration from a University on Long Island.
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